Welcome! I’m Lon Hyatt, an artist and photographer, and I would love to share a bit of my world and the way I see things with you. Browse the site and take a look at my creations. Many of them are for sale, although some works of art have already been sold and are no longer available.

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Pouring & Abstract

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Limited Edition Prints

You Can Almost Feel the Pounding of the Hooves

“My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying our framed canvas print of “Freedom”. The artist created the frame from reclaimed wood. It fits perfectly with our print. Lon has captured the spirit of wild horses running through snowy woods. You can almost feel the pounding of the hooves. It hangs in our living room so all can enjoy it. We’ve received many compliments.”

– Jan & Doug

His Pieces Tell You What He Can't Put Into Words

Lon shares his heart, his thoughts, his history and elements of his unspoken life through his artOnly his pieces can tell what even he is not able to put into words. Through colors, texture, pain and joy, Lon’s artwork speaks not only of his untold story, yet also bespeaks hidden stories and elements of those who look upon it. Enjoy and take to heart what you see, hear, and feel.

– Chris

I Wish It Was the Size of My Whole Wall

Lon’s art has Kandinsky’s rhythm, and the surprise of Pollock, combined with the thrill of brilliant color.

The only thing I wish was different? That the painting was the size of my whole wall so I could look at it endlessly. I feel really pleased to have a piece of Lon Hyatt original art and hope to collect more pieces in the future.

– Leslie

Lon's Art Mesmerized Me

I’ve never bought real artwork before. This spoke to me. I had to own it. The colors used, the brush strokes, the city landscape, the way the sun was in the sky& the moon reflected in the water. It mesmerized me!

– Cindey

His Pieces Draw Out Emotion With Every Viewing

The art that Lon Hyatt creates is a masterful experiment of color. He has his own way of looking at and creating art. His pursuance of textures and methods is a stimulating and visually pleasing experience with every single work! The pieces that I own capture my attention and draw out emotion with every viewing.

– Weston

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