Day one of the Journey

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I think it is appropriate on the first day of my site being up to blog about my first oil painting. I was 20 attending college at California Baptist University in Southern California. Mr. Brandon was my art teacher, and I was in a strange new world surrounded by people who liked art and who were flourishing in their efforts.

Because I was a second-semester start, I was the new kid on the block, similarly to how I am feeling with the website I just posted. Awkwardly I found some familiarity in a guy who I recently played tackle football outside the dorms over by C-Hall the night before. His name is David Crutchfield, and little did I know we would form a bond and become best friends for life.

As I look back on that time in my life and this piece I created nearly 30 years ago, I see a tattered image that is still very vibrant and inspiring. The joy and vigor I feel when I see this painting takes me back and reminds me of where I have been.

While taking steps to forge new paths in the current life, I think it is important to remember where you came from and what your core values are today. We fight like the youthful 20-year-old to make it through our challenges, but now we have wisdom and experience supporting us.

Find your path to a quiet corner so you can reflect on the miles traveled. On your journey, I hope you find many opportunities to express yourself, leaving a legacy of inspiration for those who are soon to journey on a similar road.

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