The Journey - My Beginnings

First, I want to acknowledge everyone who has responded to my invitation to join me on my journey post. It is awesome to see people taking a moment to recognize and engage others along their own journey. Thank you for taking the time.

In this post, I want to share about the time in my life when the artist's influence really started to protest being ignored. Going back in time, you see, I was an artist before I was a “techy.” Yet, as I say that, I think I have always been both for as long as I can remember. I was that guy taking things apart to see how they worked and loved to spend days playing a “nuclear war game” on the Commodore 64 or Civilization on the post-MAC Classic when I should have been studying. I worked hard at athletics, piano, and the clarinet as well, but as in much of life, I quickly came to a crossroads where I had to choose a direction. So, I chose to be an athlete and be socially accepted, putting piano, clarinet, and art away as it was a different time in the world for me.

It is interesting looking back on how the social pressures have as much influence on us at a young age, and when we finally gain some wisdom, we realize our missed opportunities. Unfortunately, as kids, the wisdom is absent, and the only people who had it would have been the adults in our lives who didn't know anything because we knew it all… I stopped art and music, putting those needs aside until recently.

Title: Corporate American Snack

So, what does all that mean? In June of 2020, I had an awakening to the fact that something was missing deep down inside me. The artist wanted out and would not settle for scraps of time any longer. At that time, I had been in my job for 14 years, well entrenched in all the global day to day activities, not to mention in the middle of our company being acquired, my 6th acquisition personally. So, a lot was going on at that time, to say the least.

On the surface, it was all unfolding and making sense, but as I learned, my body was wanting more, something was missing. The hard work of my job, life, and religion didn't completely satisfy my soul's hunger. It was not until I decided to throw some paint on a canvas and "Express" myself that I felt a difference deep down. It was like after you have been traveling for an extended time, and you come home. It was just right and satisfied me deeply.

If you take one thing away from this posting, please find the balance in your marriage, friendships, giving to others, religion, work, children, and self. If you don't, you will be missing something essential, and the worth of what you are accomplishing will not be fully valued. In these current times, it is important to remember we all need to take time to seek balance as I had to do last year after 25 plus years of denying myself.

I am going to talk a lot about balance, and as you get to know me more, you will see that balance is one of the top things needed to truly succeed in life no matter what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you could relate or find some value in my words.

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